Chilibre Holistics
it's all about balance


The most important gift you can give yourself..


Counselling: £50 per 55/60 min session

Couple Counselling: £70 per 55/60 min session

Walk and Talk: £50 per 50 min session. Location to be discussed.

Reflexology: £40, first treatment is likely to take about 1.5hrs while a case history is taken, to understand your needs and tailor the treatment to your needs. £30 for subsequent sessions per 1 hr.
Home visits are available for those with limited mobility and are charged at £40 to cover travel time and costs.

Reiki:  £40 Your first session will involve an informal chat and last around 1 hr
Subsequent sessions will last around 50 mins and cost £30
For those with limited time - 'express' sessions are 30 mins and cost £20.

Mindfulness: £40 - normally over a period of 6 sessions and will cover various exercises and are tailored to individual needs.

Photo Credit : Jade Spearman