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Counselling Services

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Life happens and sometimes it’s not always kind, things we thought we had a handle on and believed we could cope with, can suddenly seem uncertain, confusing and overwhelming, the many thoughts and feelings that arise can leave us feeling unable to make sense of it all.

Your inner world can be very different to your external world and how you feel you have to be seen or heard, which can lead to conflicting emotions. Old habits and behaviours are not always healthy but we don't always know any other way of being. Peer pressure, society, your environment, social media and the demands of everyday life can bring up difficulties.


We often do not take time to just stop, breathe and be, in a 24/7 world, it is more important than ever to do just that.

Therapy, complementary or counselling is one of the best gifts you can give yourself, to treat the mind, body and soul

Private Counselling

Whatever your age, background, race or culture, you are not alone. Together we can go walk the journey and explore what could be going on for you. Being heard and talking freely in a safe, confidential, non-judgemental space can be incredibly empowering in understanding who you are and how you can be more true to you, whilst navigating your own path for growth and development

Couple Counselling

Couple therapy can help people open up some of the issues that are troubling them. Couples who come together open up communication between them so that they can understand the underlying issues in order to resolve the difficulties they are experiencing and find an agreed way forward. Problems with relationships can be complicated and sometimes they stem from challenges you may have experienced in your childhood as well as current concerns.

Relationship therapy can be helpful in this situation for both individuals and couples, as it looks at what lies behind current difficulties, paying attention both to the past and the present in order to bring about change. The role of a couples counsellor is to facilitate change and resolution by helping you both communicate more effectively and reach your own conclusions under the guidance of a professional. Whether you have the odd tiff, full-blown arguments or you have simply stopped having fun - very few relationships exist conflict-free. When this (one of our most important relationships) begins to falter, our health and happiness often suffers. While for many of us our first instinct is to try and work through problems alone, it can be incredibly useful to seek outside help.

Walk and Talk

Counselling in motion, literally walking side by side with you, at a pace that suits you. For some people, walking outside might itself confront issues they would like to address such as a fear of open spaces or a fear of feeling judged for their appearance. Having a therapist on your side might ease a return to engaging in social situations. Walk and talk therapy is also particularly helpful for people feeling they are trapped in a life or roles that don’t fit them anymore. Being outdoors and talking about their issues enhances the renewal of a sense of freedom. Walking helps increase the blood flow to the brain, and new ideas to tackle our issues are more likely to come up.

Pet Bereavement

Grieving for a pet can be a sad and difficult experience. Losing a much loved pet is similar to mourning the loss of a loved one. Much as some may try and rationalise that you have ‘only’ lost a pet, the truth is that you are grieving for a companion, friend and family member, sometimes it may be your only family member. The grief of a pet can sometimes make you feel even more isolated through feelings of not being understood. After several enquiries through my general bereavement counselling, I realised that this is a much needed underrated support service, which needed addressing, so have extended my bereavement counselling to incorporate specific pet bereavement, where it can be felt as a less important grief, often dismissed by those around us.